I Can't Help It

For me, it's a necessity. I've been smoking for the past 4 years, but for about a year or so it's been daily. When i was working crappy service jobs and finishing college, it was easy to get away with being stoned all day. And it was marvelous. Any sight of depression and anxiety i had when I was sober completely vanished, and my mind became clearer. My priorities were always there, and more apparent when I'm stoned. It's the same now; I'm 19, a college graduate and have recently started a job which is beginning my career. I'm light years ahead of my friends and my general age group. And I am a complete ******* stoner :D It's funny when I think about it. My job is a time sucker, and it's changed my perception about getting high during the work day. I couldn't do it now, but the second I'm on my way home, I break out the pipe and the stress just leaves out the window with the smoke. I don't know what I'd do without it. I don't even know if I'd be alive, really. I could never give it up. I am very dependent, which is both good and bad I guess, depending on how you look at it.

Yeah...I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

nothing wrong with smoking to relieve the stress I've been smoking weed since I was about 12 and I'm 25 now seems young I know but it took me away from everyday stress. I use to smoke everyday like I had to or my whole day would be jacked up. Now not so much but believe me once I get home from work I got to hit a joint it relaxes me. My mom always tells me I should stop it's not good for me but I beg to differ. 1. it's natural 2. i think way better when I'm high. Who says you can't smoke and still be successful. Not me. Good Luck to you with your career.

Wow, I was suprised to read your story and see how much it sounded like my life. I started smoking weed daily in college and it was so easy to get away with at school and at my movie theater job and other misc. jobs. I'm a little older than you, but I have my degree and a real career job now (which I don't smoke weed at) but as soon as i get out i smoke. it takes the stress of the 10 hr workday....I do have pretty bad short term memory, but i dunno if its from the pot.........but anyways i just thought it was funny how much i related to your story.....good luck with your career