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yes i smoke when i wake up and probably at least every other hr after that.. now my family is sending me to treatment but i guess thats more for my emotional and mental health lol i dont know .... not much to say about it cant control it cant stop it
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2008

girl...weed is only psychological addictive. you need a strong mind to control weed and not the other way around. you can quit tomorrow if you really want to. just get busy.....

There is nothing wrong with smoking pot. <br />
There is definately something wrong with smoking pot every day.<br />
You have a problem which needs to be addressed. Tell the help you have about your problem. then on the weekend of special days, light one up and get high. But not every day. Thats stupid.

i smoke everday myself. And after ten years of smoking, i think im about to call it quits. God only knows how dumb i have made myself. I feel like im to old to smoke, that and to many responsibilities now. I cant handle smoking and going out in public like i could years ago. Not to mention the giggly fun isnt there anymore.It just makes me tired and lazy. So last night was my last night, if not for good at least for a while

I want to...I just don't have anywhere to buy it!! I could grow that **** right here in my house because I live so far out...but can't find anyone to sell me just a little bit...I would LOVE to get high right now...