Yo Quero Tokeabowl!?

Hey, I'll admit it, I'm a pot head and I smoke every single day. I love it so much, it's like every day around 5-7 my problems begin to disappear and then from 7-3 it's just like chill time whilest I smoke my joint, pipe, bong, etc.

I can roll a damn good joint and I can sure as hell chief it up. I've been smoking for the past year straight eevry single day. And not just a little. Me and like 3 friends go through an ounce a night. So we're spending like at LEAST 20 bucks a day, depending on how much we get. (The usual is 20) but anyways. I'm not addicted or anything, I just love to smoke me some pot.

ask me almost anything and I might be able to tell you

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18-21, M
Aug 6, 2007