Love the Reefer

Yep ill admit it to, I love smoking pot.  I smoke every day if I can, should I run sweat it seems to come to me more than I have to persue it.  It relaxes me at the end of the day or when I need a break.  It mellows out some of my mood swings at times.  Really the only bad thing about it is when you do have problems in your life pot tends to make you forget about them...over and over again..until they sometimes catch up to you.  But have you ever tried to think really hard about issues when your high or stoned ? I've thought up some really great things when I was wasted just smoking pot.  Quickly I learned that writing them down or using a tape recorder worked great keeping those creative ideas.  And sometimes I can even think up solutions to life's problems by considering them in a nice relaxed altered state.  LEGALIZE IT !!
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2007

Yes yes do what you can lol

Here Here! Legalize the miracle drug!