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well. i smoke weed. i smoke weed a lot. almost everyday, unless something comes up and I'm busy. and like a lot of other people, i hide it from the ones i love most. i don't want them to think I'm an addict who's running my life down the drain. its not like that for me. i do it to relax and get through another day.

I'm very F-ed up in the head. i have horrible anxiety problems, and I'm defiantly panic prone. i should take meds for it but i don't. i don't want to be medicated out all the time. i don't want to be a zombie. so i smoke weed.

honestly i see NOTHING wrong with it. nothing at all. and id smoke a blunt with anyone anywhere anytime. i think if we all smoked a blunt a day the world would honestly be better.

And Bob Marley is totally my hero. His music is AMAZING.

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I know "exactly" what you mean.

I know "exactly" what you mean.

i agree with both of you. it does help me a lot. but i do find that sometimes its better for me to just take a nap and forget everyone else for a min. but it does also help that almost all of my friends smoke to. its a little less stressful when they do. but i do respect my friends that don't smoke. they don't try to make me stop they just respect me so i respect them. =]

I use cannabis to self medicate also, and I have to agree with vexedvixen. It is very effective and has fewer side effects than prescription drugs.<br />
As far as anxiety goes, try smoking indica dominant strains, you'll find they are less likely to cause anxiety than the sativas :)

I don't smoke every day, but I do smoke often. I also have anxiety and find it can be VERY helpful in treating panic attacks. I've noticed though it can make the anxiety worse in certain situations (esp. around people who don't smoke and make me nervous anyway, i.e. employers, parents, etc.). <br />
<br />
I think if it helps you, go for it. I definitely think it has less side effects than prescriptions (EEK those scare me! You ever read the warnings on those?).

I smoke weed everyday too. It is probably a major cause of my anxiety, and I have become a zombie, because I smoke weed. Now I have to get help to stop....