Brady Bunch Pothead

I'm a parent with a well rounded son,  great career, home, husband, and happy life.  Oh yeah and I smoke pot daily.  So what!
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I love u! lol.


I used to smoke pot as a daily basis for almost 2 years. But now I just cant get high!. Someone told me that I should stop smoking for a month. Does anyone knows what to do to have the same effect?. <br />

Stop smoking, or smoke a different kind for a bit. Like if you normally smoke an indica, smoke a sativa. Ect ect.

Good to se that theres some normal people out there

I like this place. there are lots of people just like me. I smoke pot every day for the same reason: levels out my mood. A nurse friend tells me that the stuff they make artificially is lousy, that there's no substitute for pot. <br />
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I smoke only a little at a time, but sometimes more than once a day (like now, when I'm unemployed and getting restless). If it were legal, I'd certainly never drink again. I used to have a poster that said,'Man made booze; God made grass. Who do you trust?' I just know that when I drink I get a bad headache and my gut hurts all the next day. Doesn't happen with pot. <br />
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But there is the addiction thing, although it's really no more addictive than anything else that people get addicted to, including gambling, shopping, sex and yes, the internet. I'd have to say of all the things we could potentially become addicted to, pot has to be the least offensive.<br />
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But don't get me started....

At times we feel we are the only ones left, Hello over there *wave&smile*

Power to you! I wish I could do that, but I suffer from severe short term memory loss and laziness- so I don't smoke anymore. I guess all I'm left with now is alcohol, stimulants, opiods, and psychadelics.

me too! and, i say the same thing: so what! as long as i'm not spending my rent money! it helps manage my moods and if i don't smoke at night, i'll never sleep. the only really bad thing about it is the short-term memory loss. do you have problems with your memory, too? how much do you smoke?