Still Smokin'

I'm at the young age of 17. I have been smoking pot since i was like 13 or sumthin. I dont have a job, and I no money ever. My car is completely out of gas and will be for like a month. I dont like my house. I dont really know what i am doing with my life. Now i know most of this **** is irrelevent, but i think the only reason i am not depressed is because im high damn near all of the time. I am one of the happiest people i know and i think its because i am what my mom calls a pothead. i would rather be a happy pothead then a depressed not pothed. i get the feeling that i am rambling and i am sorry.

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2 Responses Aug 18, 2009

Let's see. You don't have a job, no money, your car doesn't have any gas, you don't like where you live and you don't know what's going on in your life.<br />
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Like, duhh! Maybe you smoke too much pot. Give it up, bonehead. Things will only get worse if you continue and then what kind of life will you have. You may want to comsider some type of counseling or you may wind up with a new place to live and a new roommate - most likely a jail cell and his name will be Bubba. Then let the fun begin!<br />
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Pot is going to suck away any ambition you may have. It will become your sole purpose and goal - just get high. Get back to Earth and become productive. If not, you'll probably wind up just being another pothead loser without a thing to show except a stupid drugged out smile.<br />
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I've been there and almost done that, I'm a Baby Boomer who almost succumbed to that back in the late '60's. I didn't but some of my freinds did and they're still trying to get over it.

Dude your 17 you’re not supposed to have money and know what you want to do with your life. I know I didn’t. Go to school and get a job and keep on keeping on and you will get there.