In 1992 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. We were able to get the gran mal seizures (flop on the ground, foaming at the mouth) fairly quickly with prescription medication,but  I still suffered from partial seizures that made the world look like the vertical control on an old tv was out of adjustment.

I had several different Dr.'s, each one prescribing a different combination of medications that left me feeling run down and miserable.

In 2010, I was talking with a younger guy I worked with, I knew he smoked, and I  told him how much I enjoyed catching a buzz when I was younger. The next day was my birthday, and as a gift he gave me a fat bud of Kush. I took it home, made a pipe out of a paper towel roll, and took a small hit. It had been more than 20 years since I had smoked, and I didn't know if it would throw me into a seizure, or just a bout of paranoia.

I smoked 1 more small hit, and suddenly felt that familiar smile cross my lips. That night, and the next day, no seizures.

I now smoke every day with the blessing of my Dr. Not a lot, just a hit when I get home from work, and one before I go to bed. I've never felt better....my appetite is back, my memory has improved, and according to my wife, I'm much more pleasant to be around.

Unfortunately, my state hasn't made any strides towards legalizing pot for medical purposes, and I have alot to lose if I'm ever arrested, but I refuse to give up the quality of life this herb has given me....
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May 6, 2012