The True Intoxication

The first joint I had was with my boyfriend and a friend of his...Pot was never something tabboo or something really unusual to mother is an addict and all those years...well 14 years actually i just never felt like it.....

So the addiction begun then...and I got caught lots of times...and I would alwyas pretend I quit....

I love the high!!!!

I love any high come to think of it :S

But, however, me and pot have some good memories...smoking up in karachi with my girlfriends and then spinning the car around in circles on ocean view....WOW!

Getting stoned at 5 am in the morning sitting in my verandah watching the rain....while  1000 flies surrounded me...i think the smoke got to them those were some weird *** flies!

Until now, everyone thought I was clean.....

Actually Im not......

Whenver I get the chance I smoke up....


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7 Responses Jul 15, 2007

Pot is not addictive and it is good for you.

I agree with samonasoapbox. I am 44 years of age and have been smoking since the age of 14. I only smoke 2 or 3 days a month, normally when I am on my bike and it rocks!!! Smoking every day just f------- it up for me.

Weed is natural. Grown by the universe for all beings to enjoy and use for their own good.

I was a bonafide stoner ... but now that I only do it as a treat .... oh my I love my joint ... and its awsome cos I give my brain a chance to regroup it faculties ... moderation in everything ..... happiness lay there .

yeah, i mean im trying to quit because i wouldnt want to be that guy who smokes up all the time, i dont even remember if i enjoy it...

yeah, really. either you have an really addictive personality and no willpower at all, or you had a bad experiance and youre trying to scare greenies off. or maybe you're just a drama queen. whatever. I like bananas and peanut butter

Stop making it seem like, Pot is some deadly addictive drug,because weed is not addicting!! you're making it seem like you are addicted to heroin or something which in all case if you were you should of specified. Weed is natural and its healing dont make it seem like you're some weed-cracked out *****. LOSER smoke a blut and fuckoff!