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i smoke to cry.  i used to drink vodka to cry, but my doctor told me to stop doing that cos i got in trouble. so now i smoke instead. its been about four months now since i started smoking regularly as opposed to occassionaly. and everytime i smoke i well up, not cos smoke get in my eyes. but cos everytime i take a drag and get to the end and feel, relaxed. thats when the tears will arise. i dont sob though, the cigarettes arent that good. just relaxing. and hence the sadness surfaces that i try and hide from.
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5 Responses Jul 4, 2007

i danced and did aerobics thru my tears ... it was helpful ... very helpful.

Try exercise-biking to cry. That sounds a bit ridiculous or Positive Thoughts or something, but seriously, if you ride yourself hard enough and just keep pushing and pushing, you can dredge out stuff you thought was buried too deep to ever see the light of day.

I am one of the people NoStickFigure is talking about.

thats the only reason i ever smoke. and im not even smoker. yet? i only smoke a cig once every few weeks or months when im feeling really stressy. i smoke because is calms me down.

heh, yes that is true. im a true avoidant though, my tears dried up years ago due to over usage. now im given chemicals to make them work again. *puts an umbrella over them*. ta for the comment though, made me sniff in amusement.