I Know I Will Quit Before I Am 30....

because I plan to quit before I start trying for kids but I have a good relationship with my smokes. When ever I have a particularly amount of anxiety, I will have a smoke because it forces me to breath in an even pattern. I know the health risks, how can I not with the pictures plastered all over the packets (part of the reason I now buy my cigarettes from overseas).
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

You are not breathing evenly when you smoke by the way. Your blood pressure rises. You are taking in over 2,000 poisons. One of those poisons is nail polish remover and yet another is formaldehyde. Think about this when you smoke the next one. You might as well be smoking meth since there are close to the same ingredients in them. Food for thought. Also if you go on utahquitmed.com that is a support group and the national quit line will send you free nicotine gum to quit.

I don't think I'll ever quit.... I smoked (shamefully) through both my pregnancies... my children were healthy and a good size... I was lucky... not all babies are lucky like mine were... but now, I enjoy my cigarettes and don't plan to quit....even though my kids both tell me they want me to...