My First Time

My first time was the worst time but ironically a good time. Remember nickle bags and Philly blunts...yuck! In the park after dark 4 rookies followed the leader. "First brake it up, split the blunt, roll it, light it, now inhale." Seemed easy enough. I watched her like a pro inhale the thick cloud of smoke. She held her breath, "Be careful not to choke." She instructed through short gasps allowing the vapors to escaped her lungs grasp. "So who's going first?" We glared at her extended hand then back at one another. "The birthday girl of course," my cousin instantly uttered. And with that my first experience began. I wrapped my virgin lips around my finger tips and pulled hard! The ashes lit up on command and sizzled as the smoke filled my mouth and throat. All eyes on me with anticipation as instantly I began to choke! My throat burned as if I swallowed the flame still we broke out in laughter and I tried and tried again. Eventually I got it... or should I say we! Happy 12th birthday a habit of my own to have and to keep! Now 17 years later I'm up to usually a tray5 a day. Cant live without it still wish I didn't need it each day. At this point is it helping or hurting me? Who knows? Who cares? Certainly not me as I blow it in the air...
crymusic crymusic
Jan 23, 2013