Growing up I was around weed everyday and for 21 years I never had the urge to try the stuff. But gradualy I found myself slipping into nothing. I became depressed, panicked, and at times I would slip into Dementia. After a stay in the hospial, my new doc put me me on Zoloft. Then he ask me about drug usage, and ofcourse I said NO!When truthfully I knew I already failed the drug test.

Well to get to the point i'm now a daily pot smoker. Infact I get  panicky when i think I might not have some before bed or for my daily wake and bake. I might sound like a stoner, But i'm actually a great mother and wife. I might not meet everyones standards of a great wife, but I fit the relationship I'm in.

Here lately i've found myself pocessive of pot. I know they say it's not addictive, but it's like medicine to me. I treat it just like I do my Zoloft. I take it daily. When I'm depressed, it sometimes is what pulls me thru. I rely on it.  Maybe too much. My husband don't understand, he can go weeks without it. I can't even go a couple of hours, much less a day. I can NOT or atleast I think I can't go to sleep without it. This scares me because I use the weed for my depression, but my feelings of guilt  for smoking too much are catching up with me.

I need some advice. I think i'm addicted to a non-addictive drug.

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Im glad to hear its not just me. I worried about it gradually i smoked more and now its like clock work. Bad thing is when i have trouble getting it, i get snappy, not at my kids but at my hubby and i feel depressed and my anxiety comes back. I wonder should i take other medications for these things i was given zoloft and took it for a couple weeks and felt nothing. I just need lil advice and support

Yeah, I over time became a little bit of an addict too. When I got off the addiction, it was sort of stop and start. I would quit and feel better, smoke a little, smoke too much, then realize I needed to not buy any more, and quit again, etc. But yeah, when I first quit, I had symptoms of chemical withdrawls and such, short temper and bad moods. It was only a 3 to 5 week episode though, much better now. I wouldn't worry about taking medications for your problems. Synthetic chemicals aren't the kinds of compounds that our body can utilize to heal itself, only nutrition permanently cures any problem. Well, nutrition or other therapies, but if you look at you can see the evidence abound that shows that the modern medical industry contains a very large conspiracy to sicken the many, keep them hooked on low dose toxic and expensive medications, which financially hijack the governments and the people, all while low dose poisoning the people to death.

Once upon a short time, I took a couple SSRI's and anti-psychotic medications, I could tell that these medications caused the problems that they we're supposed to treat. SSRI's cause depression, anti-psychotics make you go crazy. It really is a very large conspiracy out there on earth that most humans are not fully knowledgeable about.

Sorry I ramble, if you or anybody wants to chat, ask a question or anything, just shoot me a message.

Yeah that sounds really familiar. I moved out of my parents for about 9 months and became a daily pot smoker. I began by just smoking at night. Then we all smoked all day long. Then I helped the group of us realize that if we wake and baked, we did nothing all day long, so we should at least wait a few hours after we wake, get some things done, and then bake. Then I hacked up a lung and decided to quit.

I understand how you are feeling too! You are not alone, everyone has different needs. Your need for weed is as important to your health as Zoloft is right now if you feel you cannot go without it (just my personal opinion!) <br />
If you do want to stop smoking, try tapering off your doses of weed. Today I have not smoked any weed (I am out actually) and I feel pretty good, considering I had a panic attack a few days ago. As long as you can function and be happy, why not smoke it? <br />
Do you get anxious if you know you're running low, or just because you think it is taking over?<br />
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Weed makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin and I can interact better with people, because I'm not stressing over what could happen. <br />
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I'll gladly talk with you about weed and daily needs if you need some pick-me-ups!

I totally know what you're saying. I go through the same thing, almost everyday. The one difference is that I've gotten out of this rut before, maybe only for a week or a month, but I know I can do it. Then I start smoking with my friends, then by myself, then it's back to the same old habits. The best thing for me was when I got a job that started at 8am so I didn't have time for the wake-and-bake.<br />
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When I'm trying to stop, I try to have my first smoke later in the day. If I can make it until lunch, that's good. Then the next day I try to wait even longer. Eventually I start going all the way to dinner or until just before bed. I know what you're saying about falling asleep without it. The first few nights without it are really hard. Make sure you don't have anything important to do the next day, because you probably won't have a good night's sleep. Just lay there and tell yourself that "lying still is almost as restful as sleeping" so you won't feel as bad about being up all night.<br />
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We start out using weed for fun, socially, then it becomes a tool ("It helps me do my chores"), but then it becomes a crutch. As long as you are in control of your use, I think it's fine. But if you are smoking more than you really want to, that's not so good.<br />
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Do you smoke joints? Do you even feel high when you smoke late in the day? It just blurs for me, and being high becomes what I "normally feel like". For me, I try to wait at least 4 hours between sessions, to give myself a chance to sober up. That way I actually feel high when I do smoke again.<br />
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Hope this helps!

oh.. if you have a regular wake-up time, set a definite first-smoke time. No more wake-and-bake!

You certainly are not alone. I will write to you a bit later, I have to nip out for a coupl of hours..