So Readily Available..

i self-medicate with weed all the time. i wish i could use it without needing it, because it is actually good for some things like stomach aches or nausea, anxiety, insomnia and loss of appetite (and apparently glaucoma and arthritis, but i have no prior experience with these, nor do i know anyone personally who smokes for these reasons). it makes you very relaxed, improving your mood remarkably lol..

im depressed practically all the time, so i generally like to maintain a steady buzz all day long, from the moment i wake up to the moment i fall asleep. and its readily available to me so...its easy to turn to it for comfort. its always there. if i wanted to stop smoking (which i do!) its considerably difficult because everyone im around is constantly getting high... so its complicated.

when im high my mind seems to be able to access all these positive thoughts and focuses only on them. the negative thoughts are indeed still there but they seem silly and trivial.. some negative thoughts are still there, still real and awful, but you accept them in that state of mind. youll say you hate your life while simultaneously


but i really need to learn to be happy on my own. we all do.

i know we can do it....its just easier said than done

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My best advice:<br />
1. Get LOTS of Vitamin D. Like 6000IU a day. Get LOTS of fish oil - good quality, like krill or something. <br />
<br />
2. Get a regular sleep schedule, and stick to it even when you don't have to. <br />
<br />
3. Absolutely eliminate ALL of the following from your diet (this may take a while, so do it in small steps): GMO's (most corn, soy, canola, and some zucchini and yellow summer squash), Corn syrup, refined white sugar, and bleached "enriched" flours. <br />
<br />
4. Eat a minimum of one, if not two or three, avocados a day. (avacado is the food with the single greatest positive impact on mood). Also get LOTS of dark green veggies, raw if you can. <br />
<br />
And while you're healing your brain with this good diet, smoke a little, or better yet, vape - it's healthier. And be glad that you're on nature's antidepressant - and not that chemical garbage that most docs try to get you hooked on.

It good to maintain a decent high throuout the day! i totally agree you but i smoke weed when im not depressed it just makes me even happier most of the time haaha my moms had always smoked it so when i did it came as no suprise to anyone.i also have and i have alot of the things you mentioned and it does help! i cant even eat anymore without it

Merijuana should not only be legal but should be free and grown every where possible and it should be legal to smoke almost any were. If you get pulled over by an officer that drug tests you and you smoked Merijuana 2 weeks before you got pulled over and tested and stopped smoking merijuana since then it will still show up in your drug test and the officer will give you a D.U.I. in witch case you will go to jail. A friend of mine had this happen to him and wasn't even smoking Merijuana that day and still was sent to jail. Im always depresses unless Im smoking Merijuana and since the government and society make it too difficult to habitualy smoke, I will kill my self very soon.

i have to agree with ivanthegreat and snuff. especially ivanthegreat. <br />
<br />
any kind of strenuous physical activity releases endorphines that greatly improve your overall mood. they give you a sense of well being and happiness. add to that, the increase in self-confidence that comes with being physically fit, more in tune with your body and actually liking the way you look and, very soon, most negative thoughts become far more manageable.<br />
<br />
i have smoked weed in the past and sometimes still do but, it's a social thing for me, rather like having a beer or, better still, a JD or two lol. but i've lost count of the number of people i've seen seriously **** their lives up by the overuse of weed or hash. i know that the same thing happens with booze and i'm not saying that we should never indulge in either. it's all about moderation.<br />
<br />
enjoy the buzz but don't make it a life style.

I think it will be almost impossible to quit smoking when all ur ppl do it I know I tried and always failed. I recently moved to cali and I only know a few poeple and I could get it if a really tried but I dont I I think if you get away from the ppl who smoke all the time you'll be able to quite without much problem. Good luck on quitting!

No problem Dan. <br />
And thank you for the comments guys

a few times now i've had people come to me with sprain ankles.. or jamm'd fingers.. just minor injuries that hurt like a *****.. <br />
i give them 7 800mg motrin tell them once daily.. <br />
they always come back to me "thanks doc that really took away the pain"<br />
mortin dosent help with pain.. it stops swelling.. its just because we say it dose this.. that it stops pain.<br />
<br />
i gave my buddy an asprin and told him it was a tramadol.. (he already takes tramadol for sleeping) 20 mins later.. he passed out..<br />
<br />
Most the time.. anything people take.. is all in their head.. mostly if its something small..

I had the same story as you but depressed stoners often get a less desirable side effect from weed than the munchies later on, such as anxiety, which feeds off your depression and makes things much worse in the long run. Speaking from experience and others i know that are getting later in years. Get hooked on something like exercise and you'll still give your brain the jolt it needs with much more positive long term effects. Might be worth a try. Good luck.

ewww! cigarettes are definitly not my thing

I used to when I was in Germany but now Im in Thailand and weeds are illegal lol so I can just smoke ciggarette instead ..