Weed Is Good, Dea Is Not

I'm a chronic smoker of chronic, and people don't seem to understand how... healthy it is for you. I smoke the **** through a bong, sometimes a vapo-bong, and I can say that nothing is harming my lungs. The one carcinogen in common with "other" smokeables is eliminated through vaporizers and water pipes. So why are people still uptight about this ****?
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"Cigarettes? I never smoke cigarettes! Those things'll kill ya!" -- Tommy Chong

But I went from not listening to God to ........listening.......but I still hear other ****.....

wow...you are so much like me......<br />
but you aren't a christian..........................................

Well here's my story:<br />
I was originally an anti-drug fundamentalist baptist.<br />
<br />
I was never so miserable in my life. So I flipped... I changed from Christian to agnostic, and anti-drug to a liberal but cautious user.<br />
<br />
I used to judge pot heads like the dad from that 70's show... Now that I've smoked it: I can say there is something more to it. I've got stomach conditions that it helps. I'm underweight, and it keeps me normal. My anger and stress are managed by it easily.<br />
<br />
I'm already quite an intellectual, so when I smoke it... I can get along with people who normally think that my intellect is insulting. I can smoke a joint, take half a ritalin, and I'm both sober and loose at the same time.

Ok...but WHY did you start smoking? Are you trying to cover up some bad feelings? Cuz to be really ****** honest, 9 times out of 10, that is the reason I smoke....<br />
the 1 time out of 10 is just for fun...

Hookah is tobacco. I'm quite a good weed smoker.

well....you do seem a little young to be smoking....I never needed that **** at your age....<br />
I only need it now because I realized how ****** up this world is and it calms me down....distracts me....

I smoked hookah two nights ago. My friend insinuated that he'd smoke it with me, but then backed out and made me smoke the WHOLE THING! It made me sick to my stomach!<br />
<br />
I'm a poor roller, lol. I don't judge for cutting or anything... really, it's fine. I don't think smoking a joint every once in a while is going to give you cancer :D I say keep it up!

yeah...cuz cigarettes are so much healthier right?....! <br />
I wish i had a bong...but nope....I roll em old fashioned like....its ok tho...cuz i like to self harm....occasionally....(no! Im not a cutter!!!) it was a one time thing and it was stupid as ****!!!!!