Hamilton Police

2 times in my life i have had police help me by leaving me weed. for real. specifically, a) the first time; i had asked the officcer to leave my cup full of roaches. but he said no. however he left my boxed huuka in a different part of my house than where i kept it and he placed a bottle of rubbing alchohol on top of it. 3 weeks later, i found my roach cup in a kitchen cupboard behind the wooden door divider. b) the second time, a few years later; an officer was looking for weed he knew was there. he found the first bag, asked me about something specific on my dresser. i answered him without even glancing at the item in question. he told his partner he didnt find a second bag. 8 hour later, i was getting ready to go out for the first time in months, i went for the hair accessories the officer had asked about and there it was. the second bag of weed. 2 oz's.... i know he left it there for me, and i believe it had to have been the same officer.. so ya, i've never really cared who knows i smoke weed.
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lol cops, no shame whatsoever. Cool for you though.