I Smoke It and I Don't Give a Damn Who Knows It.

I've been smoking for close to 20 years and I've had cognitive tests run which have turned out fine, so there. I happen to be an avid supporter of medical marijuana as I have a few health conditions that only marijuana use has been able to help. It also happens that marijuana is the least harmful "drug" out there. I have been on a menagerie of man made, prescribed medications that are far more addictive and in the long run, harmful than marijuana. I do not buy into this BS of it being a "gateway" drug. I have tried other "drugs" and I never liked the affects of any of them. I believe we all have choices and my choice is marijuana.

If you have a problem with marijuana may I suggest you take some time and do some research on the long term health risks of alcohol or cigarettes or perhaps prescribed pain killers first, before you make any harsh judgments.

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I got Chronic Pancreatitis pain is sometimes too much to take and prescribed painkillers have too many side effects. Have taken weed on few incidents and it helped me.

Hey PrettyPixie.... I like tht!!!! well said bcuz i dnt care if ppl dnt like or knw i smoke...it makes me feel good it alsocalm and relaxes me!

I used to smoke K2 and or Spice. NEVER do it!! It is so much more harmful than weed and it is very addicting. The first time I ever tried something it was K2 and I took one hit and I barely made it to the living room before I fell on the floor and my cousin helped me to the couch. I blacked out and started screaming and when I came back all I knew was that my face was wet from crying and my brother was shaking and asking if I was ok. NEVER do spice, you think its awesome once you get used to it, but trust me it messes you up so bad.

Umm.. Ive done spice and it wasnt that bad.. I didn't experience any of that stuff. I just sat in a chair for an hour staring at the wall. Everything did kinda echo in my head, but that was about it.. I also had this feeling like I was gonna die, but it wasn't that bad..

God put weed on earth for mankind to enjoy. The government makes it illegal because of several reasons and the main reason is that when someone smokes weed they enter a state of true awareness and they can see through the brainwashing and political bullshit that is imposed on citizens. The drug companies would loose billions if it were legalize, because it is great medicine for a long list of ailments, and they know that they cant tax weed, if they could we could be out of the defecit withing a few years. Drug companies are banking and the tax payers are paying for a drug war that will never be won declared since Nixon because this is a free country and I will be damned if I am going to let anybody tell me what I can ard cant do.

God put a lot of things on earth.. Doesnt mean its good.

And if you ever need to get off the stuff its by far the easiest with little to no withdrawals

You said it sister!

Amen!!! <br />
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Do you find sex better when high? I do but there is no one I can talk to about it? I am a loner. I a m glad EP gives a chance to address this question for me.<br />
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Thanks for posting - Dankerus

Weed smokers are the most sincere, caring and fun people I have come across. I smoke it too and when I haven't acess to it I adapt pretty fine. People spent 10 bucks on pop corn or ice cream and get fat but its considered fine. Spend the same 10 bucks on weed and some ignorant folks wanna label you a mad person. Yes it makes me slow down and reflect more and sometimes with weed I don't need company...some type of company. Smoke on fellas! It does no wrong; just make sure your daily routines aren't compromised by too much enjoyment, lol.

Amen to that.

Their loss, MostonRat. I've been smoking the stuff since I was 19, maybe 20. That's about 10 years. At one point I was smoking heavily every day, but I cut way down. I even gave away my pipes. It has worked out well and it remains the treat that it really is. I love eating pot brownies though. Still comes with the cotton mouth but the high lasts much longer. Normally the high takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to kick in, but if you chase your brownie with a nip of Bailey's you'll be high as a kite in 30 minutes. Baileys (or something similar) is good because it goes well with the brownie and doesn't have much alcohol.

Leisa77, Thanks for your input. You've made some good points. I'd just like to add that In the mid 1930's a huge smear campaign was launched against marijuana and those who used it. It was said to make one "crazy" & "out of control." These campaigns (no doubt funded by oil investors& other wealthy peoples) pointed the finger at mexicans, blacks, emigrant workers, claiming they were more likely to partake and since (as popular belief was at the time) these people had very little self control in the first place....they (it was claimed) would become crazed & lustful & would end up raping white women. So, the message was, in order to help keep society safe from these "pot smoking fiends", we'd better make marijuana illegal. And it worked. They played on the bias, bigotry, fear & ignorance of society & marijuana was prohibited. <br />
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More than half a century later, people are far more informed. The medical marijuana movement is gaining strength & more and more doctors, scientists, patients & advocates are spreading awareness of marijuana's benefits for a wide array of illnesses. So far14 states have legalized medical marijuana. Thus, helping to raise more awareness that marijuana is a valuable medication with far less side effects as synthetic medications. So many sufferers, tired of dealing with side effects from ineffective prescription meds, are looking for alternative ways to treat their medical conditions. Marijuana offers relief.

Read with interest your comments, having smoked for 37 years and have no ill effects other than having the stigma of its illegality...It was made illegal in the first place because the oil industry guys knew it would compete with their plastics (rope, for instance), and oil derivatives (fuel and food oils) that they now flood the market with. Since it is easily grown by anyone anywhere and it makes a lot of seeds, the only way to stop people from growing or using it was to make it illegal. The plant itself has so many benefits to earth and man, but those benefits were squelched by the men who would profit from other resources. I know I am preaching to the choir, as you already know its benefits, but perhaps taking about it would help others understand why it is illegal...not because it is "the evil weed", but because the profiteers could find no way to stop its ready availability!<br />
I don't drink alcohol, because if I did I would be an alcoholic (and possibly dead from it)...when I want to relax nothing feels better than a puff...

Thank you so much for your comments WedgedBear....I too am from the bible belt....I'm from the "buckle" lol but haven't lived there since '99. I don't think you were being preachy at all. You were telling it like it is and I respect that very much. Meth is definitely an epidemic and the war on drugs was one of the biggest jokes I've ever heard in my life. You've made some excellent points and I am in complete agreement with you! <br />
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evolve, more power to you...glad to hear it and I truly hope it helps what hurts you.<br />
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thanks windy, I don't care why a person smokes it...it's your choice, your life, your business.

Wow didn't mean to get all preachy there, sorry.

I live in the heartland of america deep within the bible belt and just moved back to the small town I grew up in and it's scary. <br />
I like to go to wal-mart late at night (kinda ptsd so the crowds are a little much during the day plus my hours are odd) and it's like a scene from a horror movie. You can pick them out of a crowd like they are infected or just watch them pacing up and down the aisles like hamsters in a cage accomplishing nothing. It's so sad to watch people ******* their lives away for nothing. I really do think it's an epidemic in these rural areas. Meanwhile I could catch the same charge for growing two plants in a closet as the guy cooking ounces of this stuff in his garage? The war on drugs was a joke, I can still get Weed, Coke, X, Shrooms, and Acid today as easily as I could in 87, granted the prices are abit more but then again I was also paying .95 cents a gallon for gas back then. Legalize it, tax it and use the money for somehting good, maybe the 50 billion it's going to take to take care of the veterans of the Iraq conflict over their lifetime.

WedgedBear.....AMEN TO THAT!!!<br />
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Thankfully, I was never around anyone who did meth however, in later years I did learn that a good friend of mine was in prison for making the crap. The horrific, disgusting, life destroying, family devestating, POISON!!!

Totally with you on this one Pixie! Legalize it and use the money to help meth addicts.

Thank you snaketat and you are very welcome. Now, let's see that tat, hmmmm? *wink* lol