i smoke a lot of weed as it seems to help me feel better and sleep better + helps too period pain + with s e x too
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love it with sex

come to England, let's get high and have some crazy sex with me and my wife!

Oh it does great things for sex!

haven't tried it for period pains 'cos being on depo i don't get them - know it helps my migraines though and i agree about the sex being better! my bf doesn't smoke it (i got him to try but he didn't like it) but he likes when i smoke a little bit before nearly as much as i do ;)

i like a joint now and again. it mellows me out and depending on how good it is and how many joints i have smoked i usualy get the giggle and the stupidist joke will have me laughing, it also generaly has me feeling hornier than normal and the one effect i do not like is when i get the munchies and cant stop eating.

how bad are the period pains? do you wet the bed more when you smoke or about the same

about the same

you don't like wetting the bed do you?

totally agree with all this would love to smoke a blunt wiv u whilst ******* u

Do you smoke cigarettes too?

no i dont smoke cigarettes on there own

Do your parents know that you smoke it? If not would you get in trouble.

yes they know i smoke abit

yup agree on the sex part ;)


we need to smoke together sometime ;)