Everyone Should Try It At Least Once

I smoke every now and then and that doesn't make me a bad person or a criminal i am totally functional weed isn't even that bad i mean alcohol and tobacco are more destructive tobacco messes up ur body and causes cancer and alcohol destroys families and also the mind and body 
my brother is alcoholic and my father has been sober for almost 30 years he used to drink a lot to the point of ruining his life and  yet they are legal 
In the other hand weed isn't even that harmful and addictive its even less addictive than caffeine and IT HAS NEVER KILLED ANYBODY 
i mean seriously there is no known cases of death by marijuana or anything related to it
people that just say that its bad really gotta do some research since most of this people haven't even tried it they just say that is bad cuz that is what the system teaches them and that s what they want you to believe 
and if you say there is long term negative effects well it is true but the effects aren't even half as bad as the effects of tobacco and alcohol 
weed is unfairly illegal  and there's a reason for this but you just wouldn't understand and i don't really know how to explain it 

Tommyhilfiger Tommyhilfiger
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

I know what your saying and that's a good point but it's peoples owm fault for smokeing and if you try it once your gonna want to try it again because it addicting and it's really bad for your body. And im sure people who use to smoke stopped and not everyone like being judge and I understand.

and everyone should try to smoke weed?? is that what your saying? it can kill you and damage your brain and other things.. its not a healthy choice and when you do it you cant stop because its addicting.. that is a stupid choice to make. you just want to get high and fill good. you might want to make better choices.

i said at least once so people know what it actually IS and to stop judging without knowing if after trying it u still think that is bad and stuff then its alright its your choice weather u become a smoker or not but the thing is that people just judge without knowing thats what im saying, its alright if u dont like it i respect that but i just cant stand people judging without knowing =T