Marijuana Abuser To Marijuana User

I used to smoke weed everyday to the point where I was abusing it and I kept promising God i would stop but I didnt. (big mistake for me) He also began to allow demons to start attacking me . I started hearing them and they werent in my head they were coming from the outside. I know i wasnt tripping because my cat sensed something was there and he was going crazy. (cats have a 6th sense and can see spirits by the way). once i got on my knees and started praying the demons would get mad and scream but then they went right away and i would start talking to God and I would feel His presence. Now I put God first before anything and I smoke every once in a blue and I get telepathic messages from my spirit guide and Ive even seen a glimpse of her in my mirror. she was short and was a bright gold light that waved at me. it was amazing. i also hear her speak when ive done something wrong and when she wants to let me know something. Also i asked God for the spirit of Truth (John 14:16-20) and He gave it to me the next day and he revealed to me alot of information. he also made it clear that in this world we are in a spiritual war against he who we should not speak of and that those who dont believe in Christ and the Father of Christ are people of the devil and Gods people (Sarah and Abrahams ancestors) are the ones who will have the gifts God has given me and will be made right with him and will have eternal life! i also seen a shadow of the spirit of truth sitting right next to me and i seen a shadow of the eyes of Christ. It was truly unbelievable and an amazing experience. i talked to him for about an hour and cried 3 times because of the things he revealed to me. so in conclusion i dont think its wrong to smoke a little bit of weed occasionally and look for God. use it for spiritual purposes only. ask to remove any negative and evil spirits in and around you and to fill you with the Holy Spirit. He will let you experience what i experienced. But you have to BELIEVE. God knows your heart and knows when your testing Him. im 19 years old and i use to be as wild as you can imagine. i was aggressive, a fighter, a party animal, heavy weed smoker, cigarette smoker, promiscuous, lesbian, and God delivered me from all of that. I am now committed to Him and he told me I was one of His chosen ones. he wants me to make music for him and thats is my calling. He also always sends people to tell me things at the right moment and to give me prophetic messages. He also gives me prophetic dreams. God truly reaches out to those who look for Him.. the end times are here and we need to find him. 
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I had to some extent similar experience - yeasterday.. To me it was like was deep i cryed all the times did not care what my friend next to me said..i could not listen to him i did not understand him even though he was speaking in my native language. It was as if i have seen this world to be compared with eternity which awaits us - that was deep i have picture of it in my head as if i was said to draw it today. Then i had seen many demons and angels fighting against each other and under that was the earth which was was said to me everything is only spiritual what matters..and i have seen the blood of Jesus what matters etc..
Except of that what was very scary - you know when you are dreaming and you feel that feeling that you can move everything except of that real body, because you are sleeping - i had something similar i had to ask my friend to open the door for me because i was unable to open them for me self - car. I could not order my body what to do as if i was outside of body and had constantly these messages...please reply me. It is all that i am sure it was from God, but on other hand i did not like it because now invited me to serve him and for all this purpose and i do not know if i can handle that...

God bless you