Why Not?

Personally, I don't see the problem with marijuana. It's never killed anyone, doesn't make you angry (especially not to the extent alcohol can . . . ever heard of a stoned man beating his wife? Doubt it), it's reasonably cheap, easy to get legal or not.

The only problems I've really seen cause by marijuana are due to the fact it's illegal. People preach on about how stoner's do nothing to contribute to the world, just hide away and do nothing. Well for one thing, that's not true. I may smoke weed I'll admit, but I'm a full-time real estate agent and I've owned my own house for a year, I fail to see how I'm a detriment to society. But other than that, how exactly are "stoners" supposed to come out and contribute when they have to hide away what they're doing? If it was legal, maybe they'd come out and do something rather than staying indoors, smoking up, protecting their stash, whatever reason they may have to not go out.

Believe it or not, stoner's are really quite active and intelligent people. I've never experienced such deep conversation than when I've gone to a party or something and sat around in a circle of stoners discussing random topics. I've taken part in some of the most meaningful, thought provoking discussions with these kind of people that society portrays as useless idiots.

And we don't just sit around on our ***** doing nothing with ourselves. We get out and around, have fun, enjoy ourselves, socialize. This particular community is quite a close, loyal and generally fun one.

As I said before that main reason stoners don't go out and do anything is because they can't. They don't like going out, they're suspicious because they worry about being caught, or being ostracised and because why? They enjoy smoking a more or less harmless plant that they get enjoyment out of? It really doesn't make sense to me. What really is the harm in it? In my opinion alcohol is infinitely worse than marijuana ever could be. It makes you angry, lose your inhibitions, forget parts of your memory, do stupid or violent things that you would more than likely never do sober, kills about quadruple the numbers that all illegal drugs do (please note that there has not been a single recorded death from marijuana use, the majority of those deaths would be from overdoses on harder drugs). It seems to me, if anything should be banned it should be alcohol instead.

Although in my opinion nothing of that sort should be banned. We are in the age now that every bit of information we could possibly need is accessible to more or less anyone in seconds. We are a well informed age who know what we're doing before we make our decisions. It's not back in the old days like when everyone smoked because no one ever considered the fact that it could be harmful to smoke. Now we know and there are far less smokers. Why? Because we're educated, the people who want to do it, do it. That's our choice, our perogative.

Why shouldn't it be the same with illegal drugs? We're educated people, we know the dangers, know the risk, the details. We know the consequences we face when we make the decision to use a drug, and if you don't know, well then you shouldn't be doing it.

Not to mention how much trouble would be saved if things were legalised? How many lives would be saved because a friend isn't too scared to take his overdosing buddy to the hospital? How many more people would check themselves into programs for drug rehabilitation when they want to get rid of them but are too scared because of the consequences of coming clean with their problem? How many would be saved from unknowingly ingesting bad stuff? Instead of cooked up in the grimy basement of some guy's house, substances would be produced in clean laboratories with good quality products and ingredients. People would be informed on correct dosages for safety and hygienic procedures. Crime would drop dramatically. With drugs legal, there would no longer be an illegal drug trade. Violent crimes would drop as many would most likely be caused by drug issues (bad deals, being screwed over), vast amounts of government funding could be saved from trying to fight drugs. You have to see the positives in things, not only the negatives.

Like it or not, drugs are a part of this world and will always be. There is no way to completely eliminate drugs from the world as long as there are people who want to use them. They are everywhere, easy to get and produce and no matter how much they get fought and beaten down, someone else will rise up and start dealing in their place.

Rather than fight a futile battle that is destroying our society, wouldn't it be a more benefical idea to stop fighting and come up with a reasonable way to accept this inevitable part of our world and learn to live with it safely?

Think about it . . .

Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
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Thank you for writing this. I've smoked pot for a while and enjoy it. I see nothing wrong with smoking it either.


Europe Denmark Sweden the list goes on and on- the usa has it all *** backwords and were paying the price

You know, regardless of the substance, the government does not have the right to tell adult human beings what to put in their bodies, or what they can't put in their bodies. There is an incredible hypocrisy about this. Aside from the fact that the government is contemplating putting low doses of lithium in our drinking water, allegedly to "prevent suicide". WTF?? They will drug us without our consent, but we don't have the right to make our own decisions. Ludicrous.<br />
<br />
In addition, 99% of all drug related deaths are caused by presc<x>ription medications. Marijuana is non-toxic. So are many other banned substances.<br />
<br />
I think adults should be educated with the real facts about substances, rather than spoon fed propaganda. I also believe that people should be given the accurate facts about presc<x>ription medication and it's potential for addiction, toxicity etc., since there are more presc<x>ription drug addicts, than people addicted to street drugs.

Damn, I was gonna post something exactly like that. I actually was on a debate team in HS, and the topic was marijuana legalization. Using information I received from the DEA and NIDA, I took the pro-legalization side, while my best friend (who agrees it should be legal), took the opposite side...long story short, I won XD. Thank you for this well-thought out article, I may be giving this out to my skeptic friends...

I think i love you lol! well put

Yeah, and if it were legal I'm sure less people would experience the paranoia most people attribute to the drug.

I never really thought about it like that. Yes you are right, I would probably go out alot more if it was legal, lol. Like when I was young and had no fear, i went out stoned all the time.<br />
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Oh, and boedacia, weed with a high level of THC will absolutely screw with your depth perception, can cause double vision, and cause 'gaps' in what you see and what you don't, sort of like slowing down the fr<x>ame rate on a television show. Weed can be as intoxicating as any other drug. Caution is always worthwhile.<br />
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Puff puff pass!

Kakatir, you are right kids should not smoke anything but since when did that stop them. <br />
Just curious have you ever smoked pot. And I don't mean one time behind the bleachers? Cause it can be very focusing for some people, me for example.<br />
<br />
but I think those accidents probably had more than one factor, like it was very late and the person was also very tired, had also had a drink which would not register as drunk, had a bunch of kids in the car horsing around, was talking on the cell phone etc. <br />
<br />
weed does not give you that crossed double vision that alcohol does. It does not affect your depth perception. It gives you a sense of awareness and a rosy rightness. not a complete loss of common sense and judgement.

Well wrtten, Well thought out and delivered. h--m-m-m- maybe they just don't know what they are taliking about. Although, like everything else ..You can abuse it but ya sure as hell cant smoke yourself to death. Which is more than can be daid for Alcohol and pharmacuticals!<br />