Any Experiences Passing A Pee Test With Dehydrated Urine?

I recently got a job in the medical field but I never got a pre-employment drug screening, which I thought was very odd.  The employee handbook does mention that any employee may be required to submit to an urinalysis drug screening at any time during employment and if drug use is suspected, but does not mention random drug screenings.  

Either way, I'm still nervous. I'm afraid they will test me latter on, knowing that everyone is clean when first applying.  I can get clean human urine from a friend if I had notice.  I planned on carrying synthetic urine in my bra every day in case they do random in-house testing. But, after researching, I found that synthetic urine is not very reliable because nowadays they may test for uric acid which cannot be added to the fake stuff. QuickFix does sell a "Canadian" version that comes with uric acid crystals that are added prior to submitting a sample, tho I've read reviews where they said it still did not work.

NORML does reccomend dehydrated human urine from a specific lab, tho I was unable to find it on their web site. There are other sites that have it in stock, but I do not know if they are legit. Prices range from $20-$100. 

Anyways, is there anyone out there that has any thoughts or suggestions? I do understand that being drug free is my best option. I plan to only smoke occasionally, just on the weekends or when I REALLY hurt to keep my levels low. I'd be screwed if they ever did hair strand testing. ugh.... why do they have to be so against the pot heads?! I gotta move back to Michigan soon.... 

NoOnespeical NoOnespeical
22-25, F
May 28, 2012