Middle-aged Pot Smoker

I started smoking weed at about age 16. Didn't do it much for about 20 years while my 5 daughters were growing up (just occasionally at parties, so the kids never knew about it). Now they've all left home so I have gone back to smoking and vaporizing it fairly regularly - sometimes daily, sometimes just a couple of times a week. My kids are adults and they all know about it now and are cool with it. My husband doesn't smoke weed, unfortunately, but he is very understanding and supportive of my enjoyment of it. I particularly enjoy it while skiing or hiking, and when out boating. This summer I have tried growing my own - just 3 plants outside on my deck - so far so good... I have a few friends around my age who I enjoy smoking with, but the majority of people I know are really not into it - several of my friends have no idea I smoke it, and I think they would be shocked, so I see no point in telling them. I find it relaxes me in the evenings, puts me in a great mood, and I don't feel crappy next morning like I do if I have a few drinks. And since I've gone back to smoking weed more, I don't drink much alcohol now anyway, which I see as a good thing. I get fewer headaches now than I used to, and very seldom take any medication for anything. And as I start to experience the first signs of menopause I am quite sure that it is helping to relieve the symptoms, so I'm hoping to get through these next few years with just weed and no pharmaceutical drugs. My only regret is not using it more while my children were at home, because of the pressure of feeling the need to stay on the right side of the law. Oh well, at least I have put those ideas behind me now and am very content with weed once again being a part of my life.
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I started smoking when I was 15 and haven't stopped. Just like you I didn't smoke when I was around my kids but when they went to sleep that was my time. I enjoy it better now that they are gone. Great story!!