Stop, No Weed

I smoked it for years. It's an excuse to not feel. It's an easy way to feel. It's useless. You are dumber when you smoke it. It makes you think you are so creative when you aren't. It keeps you from yourself. Not nearly as bad as alcohol, though. So you smoke it and get fried and then what?
Habenero Habenero
31-35, M
6 Responses May 16, 2007

i hope you never need a knee replacement along with a torn calf muscle. i hope you never have glaucoma or aids or need chemo for cancer. i hope you never have pain so bad that you cant stand to live your life. maybe if you did you wouldn't think like that

I've always gotten more creative......hell weed is the only way I passed some classes in school and is honestly the only reason I'm still alive. anti depression pills didn't work for me and made me fail 2 classes in high school because I couldn't remember **** on them. On pot, I', finally happy enough to want to live and I can remember things and do pretty much everything I could if I wasn't high, only better

yea when i got a good high goin ill lay out some mad beats and you must be the execption to the rule man seriously

Some people prefer it as non-addictive alternative instead of Anti-Depressants also.<br />
And since it’s non-addictive, you can just stop, and its pointlessness won’t bother you anymore.

I think you're right. It causes you not to feel, and how can you think clearly and work through your problems if you're stoned? It's nice to escape from reality sometimes, but smoking pot achieves nothing.

Wow, you must be an exception to the rule. Most people get more creative - I love to write poetry. And, it seems to make people think so it can't be that dumb.