Tommys Weed Diarys 1

Gonna start a maybe twice or once a week thing of my fun and storys and w.e of smoking weed haha i dont care who reads em its mostly for me to remember good stoned in times :D if ya do read this tho my names Tommy am 21 from Liverpool and i smoke meself at least 50 sometimes 100 pounds of weed a week not much really but w.e haha so my first story is when i first ever smoked it!

So its Febuary 15th 2011 am just turned 19 and id lituly only ever had the odd few sometimes never propa smoked it but my mates wer regular stoners so a think y not id always been kinda curious of it so we buy some its like £10 and there rolling it up and am all like hyped n bit nervs to start smoking it anyways its rolled my mate smokes it takes 6 hits off it n passes it to me so am all ready and start smoking it takin big hits to make it effect me have about 5 hits pass it to my other pal ryan and im feeling normal until i suddenly feel really relaxed and next sec i jus felt really light and this is off 5 hits am already feeling it anyways comes back to me we smoke more until its gone and now am feeling it time stoped the room seemed wavy i felt like awesome i remember just sitin back on me mates couch and smiling like a chesire cat haha all goofed up but i felt amazing and just relaxed my mates clocked on how stoned i was and started tryna make me go white and parra but i was just loving it to much to give a **** about it! So thats me first stoner story btw everything was funny food tasted amazing and i enjoyed music even more then usual stonerrr life <3
TommyJonse TommyJonse
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012