Weed Is My Recreation of Choice!

My Top 10 Reasons for Being a Regular Pot Smoker:

10.  It can be a social or solitary pursuit.

9.  It helps me relax and unwind.

8.  To watch someone pack a bowl is like watching art in motion.

7.  Great taste, zero calories, and no artificial sweeteners.

6.  It's a wonderful compliment to a caffeine buzz.

5.  A morning just isn't a morning without 'wake and bake.'

4.  Bongs, novelty pipes and joints, Oh My!

3.  Pot goes great with 3-part harmony!

2.  Job security for my dealer.

1.  It makes workdays so much easier to tolerate!
haakatt haakatt
31-35, F
May 21, 2007