He Who Floats On A Cloud That Isn't There Because It Is More Noticed And Loved

Even in the world before the internet or TV, there was too much information to consider it all. That is why we simplify and make rules. Scientists know and would better be able to explain the concept I am going to present. I want to show you how this applies to getting high. Please tolerate and forgive me as I try to explain. I can get a bit long winded. Believe me, I have other worse faults. I swear it will make sense as you read on. The devil is in the details.

It is pretty common knowledge that the more you smoke weed the longer it is detectable in your body. If you smoke once, it's detectable for about three days, if you smoke constantly it can be there for 90 days. Key word is detectable. If you smoke once, it really is in your body for 90 days, it's just so little that it isn't detectable past the three days as more of it is eliminated from your body.


Subliminal, sub-liminal, below liminal. Liminal really is a word. It means the point of being able to sense presence of. If something seems like it's not there because you can't detect or sense it, but really IS there, then it is subliminal. If something isn't there, it's not there.


Let's look at a isolated, single and simple session of getting and being high. You smoke, you get high, it fades, you burn out, then your not high. That is what you experience, but it is misleading if you use it to describe the “THC” in your system. Each time you get high it is measurable for at least three days and is in your system for at least 90 days, detectable or not. When you feel the burnout, it is still partially caused by “THC” in your system, the perceived lack of it is relative and not absolute. Later when you think you are not high, you are still ever so slightly affected by the “THC”.


Lets look at multiple sessions over time. Assuming for our simple example “1” = the smallest unit we can measure of “THC” we can measure. So if we think about the isolated, single and simple session that you can test and detect for three days, lets say that on day four, there is an undetectable 0.8 left of “THC” and on day ten there is a 0.5 left. Remember, these are made up numbers that measure nothing, but representative of this process. So you get high on saturday and church on sunday and go all week, Friday your in-laws come over, it's Saturday again, you got a test on Thursday, but instead of being passing, you pee dirty. All those “subliminal”s added up the “undetectables” to be detectable 0.8 + 0.5 = 1.3. The amount of “THC” that hangs around in your system doesn't get you high, it in the simplest terms is why you need more and more weed to get high. It is your normal “straight” state.


Consider the cyclic nature of all pleasure. Weed, sex, food, all of them even air. Air has a rapid “pleasure cycle” just about the time you quit exhaling, it seems like a good idea to inhale. If your delayed by more than a few seconds there is enhanced pleasure when you get that next breath if you only look at the pleasure aspect. Food has a longer cycle, you could probably define that one as a few hours to a day, most people would definitely derive pleasure from food if the didn't eat for the entire day, but if they ate a meal right after they ate a meal, it should be easy to see that the second meal would yield much less pleasure. The sex time cycle is extremely variable, and the variables are numerous. The cycle for a teen boy may resemble air in the time cycle or at least like food, all the way to a small group that claims to be asexual.


You can only get so stoned. The more you smoke, the more you have to smoke to get higher. Also at some point higher isn't any better, it doesn't do anything else for you. It is the difference between laughing at a silly joke or not getting that someone told a joke.


Here comes the point! If you answer the question of how you can be highest the most of the time by saying smoke more weed, your wrong. Because of the way that you experience being high (it's a difference or change in being straight). Depends on a “baseline” (liminal line) and the furthest practical deviation from that (the point of perfectly high) . This is best achieved by the minimal effective dose separated over a reasonable “refractory” or rest period. You could see that as a useless piece of crap or you could consider a relatively test that you already no most of the answer to.


People run out of weed, it costs money and isn't as readily available as other plants for people. When you run out the next time and you then finally score, you get high easy and big. Try this. Try less.


You will still get really high. If you wait a little longer before your next session, you would still get higher with less. Higher, as in higher than normal, not just higher for less money. This is counter-intuitive and I understand hesitancy, but if you think about it, you already waited, you still have the weed and I am only suggesting something that is reversible without cost. Do a bit, enough to get high, but no more and wait. And then later see if you can do the same thing and get higher. The closer you are to just enough weed, the longer you wait (like maybe a day or two or even three) and the closer you are to no THC in your system the more dramatic the results. Be careful, you can get high enough with less than you think and getting “too high” is barely noticeable. There is a time delay also.


I have been practicing this even though I have easy constant access and can budget without pain for much more than I consume. I even live in Washington state where I will soon just be able to go to the pot store. I don't do this for economy, although that is a benefit, I don't do it to clear the fog, although I enjoy that aspect, too. I do it because I get the best quality high. All intoxicants and for that matter medicines, vitamins and even calories are poisonous in excess. Mix that with the fun benefits of getting high and it seems that this is the real solution.


Presently, I do the equivalent of about one or two bong hits over about a month in about 3-6 sessions, although I am not strict about doing more and often do much less. One added benefit is a much decreased desire, I don't need to get high and never smoke alone. I used to feel like I “needed” to and often smoked alone. It is not unusual for me to not smoke for a month or two. That's a month or two that I did actually have weed and could of smoked it if I wanted. The last place I lived was devoid of pot smokers except for the winter time so I routinely went about 6 months in a row, with weed, without desire to smoke it.


Smoke weed to get high, not to reverse burn out and pay attention to the parts that you like about being high.





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Jan 6, 2013