My Wife, Mary Jane

So when I’m fed up I get redder
Mary Jane never messed my head up
She can be my best friend forever
At times I regret that I met her
When she eats all my cheddar
But she makes life seem better
Like whatever
Stressing me out, she settles me down
Put it in the air bredder, spread it around
But don’t abuse it
We using the Temple Ball
From Nepal as a mental tool
Meditating like we’re meant to
Just the way God intended
used to use cigarette, mix and blend it
Now I don’t tend to peng, everybody offended
If they criticise weed, defend it
A crystallised hydro-glistening
Blow my mind like nitro-glycerine
This is the deal
All day every day give you something to feel
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013