My Dog Is High

he always lays on his back and rolls around on the carpet when he's high. he also will drink water like a camel, and chase his tail
i really love seeing him like a puppy again, especially considering hes 15 and half with a completely grey face. his name is snickers and hes an adorably overweight cocker spaniel with somewhat of an attitude, hes old and grumpy but it makes him all the more charming. hes been part of the family for most of my life, and 6 months ago i thought i was going to have to put him to sleep.
snickers never had any health problems other than minor ear infections, but one day he just started falling apart. he gained an alarming amount of weight for a smaller dog, and he started getting stiff with arthritis, then one day he started vomiting blood. a lot of it, we didnt see him making it much longer considering just how much blood it was he was throwing up. my parents were gone during this period of time, and the responsibility of putting down the family dog was put in my hands. my parents asked me to do it if he was still sick over the weekend.
im a regular marijuana smoker but no one else in my family likes it or knows, i figured there was no harm in letting my dog in on that little secret and decided to get him high
i took a bong rip and then lifted his floppy ear and blew it in. i guess the membrane is thin enough for the thc to be absorbed, you can also blow it in their muzzle. a few minutes later he got up and drank water, then he started eating again. i kept getting him high from then on, and he kept getting better.
one of my friends said it was wrong for me to intoxicate a living creature without its consent. i said it was unethical to buy and sell living creatures as property, i put thought into the choice i made and dont regret my choice what so ever. my dog is always cooperative when i give it him, if he seemed unwilling i would stop. marijuana is used as medicine, and it helped aid my dog
i think its an idea more dog owners should be willing to entertain. especially if their dog is older and could benefit medically. i feel so much happier for my dog, now that i dont have to see him move in pain
MadameAdam MadameAdam
18-21, M
Jan 29, 2013