Passes Time, Brings Ppl Together and Destroys Lives

i love smoking w**d. the 1st time i tried it waz with my cuz. who im actually visiting rite now. i like gettin together with a bunch of friends and just rollin a few bl*nts. -im very proud that i can roll, not many of my friends can- it hepls relax me and take off the edge.

i started my best friend on smoking too. bt now her life is ruind. her mom found out an put her into rehab. 1st it waz out patient then residential. shes been in since jan. bt gets out nex mon!!!!!! :)

she didnt even want to be around w**d wen she got out bt now she wants to star up again. wen she waz in there she got pissed that i could still smoke and resented me 4 it. and i got really mad at her. bt i love her and forgive her

i just want it to be care free with no worries of her gettin busted

prettylady prettylady
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3 Responses Jul 1, 2007

Clearly you look out for her, this is why you started her smoking pot. If you want to **** up your own life then go right ahead, but don't bring other people down with you, it's pathetic. You are a terrible friend. Pot is illegal and it can have really horrible side effects. I really have to question you as a person when you come out with comments like "im very proud that i can roll". You are 16 for chrissake. The way you write you make out like you are the victim in all of this, I wouldn't of even bother commenting if you weren't showing blatant disregard for your friends wellbeing. <br />

its just pot. and she wil have to quit bc of the trouble she gets in. its not that she cant bt y would she want to. its better to me if u smoke pot instead of shootin up on meth or heiorn. shes like my lil sis. i put her in line wen she starts to get out of control. she started doin pills recklessly and i put a stop to that. i always l;ook out for her

I think if you have something like that where your friend is put into rehab and still can't quit, it is a problem. Also, being an illegal substance you should always worry about being busted. My friend left his wallet at the gas station. They called the cops and the cops delivered it to his house. He greeted them at the door with a joint in his hand.