My Parents Smoke Pot and So Do I!

For mothers day my boyfriend and I smoked our moms up with some beautiful KB, thats the way to say I love you. Who needs jewelry or roses, give 'em pot.

I just honestly don't see anytihng wrong with it if I don't let it affect my life, my work, my family, or my friends. I still am starting school in the Fall (3 years late, but I had to save up money), I still work my *** off so why shouldn't I be able to relax in the privacy of my own home?


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1 Response Jul 12, 2007

my parents don't smoke weed but if they did I would blaze with them all the time. I don't see anything wrong with it either I am about to graduate with my associates degree in Mass Communication and I work. Your right why shouldn't I be able to come home chill with my man and smoke one he works his *** off to.