I Smoke Pot

to calm my thoughts.  My brain just spins....when I feel like my nerves just won't calm down, that's when I get high.  It is like medicine. 
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5 Responses Jul 24, 2007

hmm...... hence the term medical marijuana

YEESSS!! thatz EXACTLY wat i say!!! weed IS my MEDICINE. **** asprin! that Kush will make ya feel more alive laidback n mellow than EVER!!! the next day u forget wat made u mad in the first place!!! and ohhhh! i get REAL mad wen im mad!! n weed calmz me down itz like a miracle grown on earth!! i knew i wasznt goin live with stress n bullshit for the rest of my life!!!! Ohhhh! Weee! Oh and by the way, ever since i started smokin weed i had less arguementz wit my family, doing better in skool, AND I FEELIN GOOOOOOD!!! ;D hehe yea

I don't smoke cigarettes so weed is what I smoke to calm my nerves and when I smoke it seems like I think more rationally on a situation

me too. neat.

It is medicinal, not for everybody, but definitely for me. Some people get loopy and weird when they smoke but it just normalizes me and allows my mind to not be so frenetic.