but im quitting today so i guess i dont smoke
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For what reason

If we must have a government that we pay for, we deserve to be happy!!

im still smoking,lol!!!

Wow. That makes me feel a little better about my vice! I live in a culture where it is still very much frowned upon even though so many people do it!

wow.thnx for the positive still and always smoke the green man!!

How sad. <br />
3I know Cannabis is not addictive... But learning about it is. I was reading in June issue of the American Journal of Cancer Medicine (leading medical publication for doctors) that Cannibinniods (active ingredients in Cannabis) reduce the size of cancer cells and help regrow hippocampus (part of the brain previously thought unfixable used for short term memory) cells in the lab. As it turns out, this villified plant may just save humanity if we can stop the madness of prohibition!!! It is a felony in the state of California (where medical cannabis is legal) to decide to treat cancer with any other treatments other than:<br />
<br />
1) surgery<br />
2) chemotherapy<br />
3) radiation<br />
<br />
If you actually CURE your cancer by any other means, they will put you in prison and force medical treatment on you. This is NO JOKE. Look it up. Also it turns out that if you are a CHRONIC marijuana smoker (not just sometimes, but every day) according to researchers, you have a 48% reduced risk of cancer in your head and neck, even if you smoke tobacco and drink alcohol!!<br />
<br />
Read for yourself!!...<br />
<br />
28 Jul 2009<br />
<br />
<br />
Risk of head and neck cancer reduced in cannabis users in large epidemiological study<br />
<br />
A working group of scientists of several universities of the USA (universities of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Minnesota) investigated the effects of cannabis use on the development of a certain head and neck cancer (head and neck squamous cell carcinoma).<br />
<br />
Information of cannabis use by 434 patients was compared with data of 547 healthy subjects. After adjusting for potential other risk factors (including tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking), cannabis use was associated with a statistically significant decrease of this cancer. The risk was decreased by 48 per cent.<br />
<br />
This association was consistent across different measures of cannabis use (current/former use, duration, and frequency of use).<br />
<br />
For participants, who used the drug for 10 to 20 years the risk was about one-third of that of non-users. The magnitude of the reduced risk was more pronounced for those who started use after 20 years of age compared to younger age. Authors concluded that their "study suggests that moderate marijuana use is associated with reduced risk" of sqamous cell carcinoma of head and neck. They noted that experimental data have shown that cannabinoids inhibit cancer growth.<br />
<br />
Source: IACM-Bulletin of 2 August 2009<br />
<br />
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Well if you ever figure it out let me know I have been without for a while and have no motivation in life. It all is boring. Just say no to sobriety

Hey, <br />
<br />
How are you quitting? What will you do to sustain your interest and will power?<br />
<br />