Smoking Weed Everyday

I smoke weed everyday. People say that it is so wrong and  bad for you. I don't think so.  Ive been smoking for a couple years now and I see nothing wrong! I'm a good student and I'm not dragging my life into a hole or anything.  I have asthma and its improving even though I smoke. Its great! I meet new people every week.  It gets expensive sometimes but I budget myself for it, and I have a good job. So what are all the other people talking about?
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I've researched this more than anyone and the research is certainly divided but what can't be ignored is the fact that somewhat significant brain changes are observed, specifically in the developing brain of a teenager, if said teenager abuses pot like that. Every day will do it. Now the thing is the researchers don't really know what those chances do exactly. Though pot abuse will certainly lower your motivation, attention span, reaction speed, and short term memory. Ask you really want to change? Cause it changes you. And do you really want all those negative long term effects. Anddd do you not want to remember a whole slab of your life. A lot of **** goes on as a teenager that you need to remember...

In the words of Lex and Terry: if you smoke stuff at that age you're going to miss a lot of things xD

they are talking about confusion. when i was young i smoked weed to releive the pain in my soul from the crappy hand life delt me, 40 years later, i smoke to relieve the chronic pain. addictive personalities pick up that same joint and blame it on the weed. addictive personalities grab a crack pipe and blame it on the weed-gateway drug they say. addictive personalities have 3 4 8 dwis. addictive personalities kill their girlfriends for not putting up with their abuse. addictive personalities hoard until the house becomes unliveable. its not the weed, its the person smoking it

I'm 19 years old used to be an alcoholic, pill popper, and have smoked weed for about 5 years now. The way I see it pot is a lot better than me drinking and overdosing on pills. People judge harshly because i do smoke, but screw them. I like pot and I'm not gonna quit. It helps me deal with my depression and live my life. I work full time on 3rd shift am married to a military man, have two ppl living with me (I'm the only one paying bills cuz I'm the only one with a job) and am double majoring in college. Pot helps me deal with stress. I would definitely say it has not impacted my life in any bad way.

Lots of research indicate significant chances of long-term health risks if the user overindulges in the substance.

Yeah it helps my asthma too. I like a little bit before i go running

Do what you like... I don't see anything wrong with it. You're going to school, working, not like you are lazing on your parents couch all day long. People tend to get hostile and make generalizations about things. Not much of a smoker myself, but I say they should just legalize it.