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Smoked a lot when I was growing up and now (of course OFF THE RECORD) my Dr said to use it for my chronic (no pun intended) pain. Anyone else using marijuana for health reasons because a Dr told them to?

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No Doctor approval. But it definately helps with my chronic fibro myalgia pain, so I smoke several times a day. People wonder how I can function, but I don't have any problems doing my everyday life stuff. I experimented at 14, started smoking on a regular basis when I was 28. I had been injured on the job when I was 21, by 28 FM was kicking in. I had a sister that would critize me about my smoking, then she met a guy that smoked now shes worse then me, lol. I think it should be on the same realm as cigarettes, and difinately alcohol.

OK. I was on a "cocktail" of pain meds which I was having side effects from and he "casually mentioned to give it a try. That was almost 4 months ago and I am all but off of the pills. I am more calm my pain is still there but not nearly as severe and the headaches are gone now. Now admittedly I got high in the beginning but now nothing except relief. Also it does not take much. I was taking 15-20 pills a day now I smoke less than a joint per day and am having better results and only take 3 pills a day that I have to have like Synthroid (thyroid med). <br />
I live in the "Bible Belt" so I do not see medical marijuana coming anytime soon - but it sure would take the place of some pills that cause bad side effects and actually works better.<br />
Thank you for the comments.

a doctor has never told me to smoke it. but i have been on many anti depressants for my chronic anxiety. they have all thrown me into crippling depressions. i have been smoking weed now for about 2 1/2 years and i havnt had an anxiety attack since i started. i still get up tight and i dot smoke it all the time cuz im a mom first and foremost. but its has helped in ways i dont think meds ever could or ever will.

Yes, I have a prescription, a note from my doctor reccomending the use of cannabis. I'm in the process of doing the paperwork to get a federal exemption under Medical Marijuana Access Regulations.<br />
I have found cannabis to be very helpful for relieving chronic pain and nausea, for muscle relaxation, as a sleep aid and as an appetite stimulant, among other things :)