Weed Is Fun

First time i tried it i gave up because it tasted so bad and i wasnt good at inhaling in the right way. Second time was fun, it was at a birthday party and i was already extremely drunk. It was hard not to giggle all the time.

Its a little off-topic but a week before that birthday party we actually made oriental tea with pot as one of the ingredients. Everything became hilarious half an hour after we drank it. Only problem was that we became extremely tired and fell asleep rather quickly.
Wraither Wraither
22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 13, 2007

i love bein high cuyz i just get all goofy and **** and i am funny as hell

Yeah, I feel the same way, smoke is horrible. But that tea, mmm. Best tea I've ever tasted. It's pretty weird that "hash brownies" are called that even when they haven't got the stuff in them right? Maybe that was one of the ingredients in the beginning? hehe

I've always wanted to try pot as tea, since I've never really liked being around smoke. Either that, or in brownies or something.