I believe it should be made legal and available to everyone, including teenagers.
It may strike people as odd to legalize it for everybody but here is my reasoning:
It will not change the number of people who smoke it or use it for other uses like baking, it will only change HOW the drug is in the market and it doesn't allow the government to make any revenue off of these transactions.
What about the cost to enforce anti weed laws? That is crazy! No matter the condition, it is only going to hurt society by putting stoners in jail and either releasing violent criminals and having to build even more prisons to detain these individuals.
Prohibition does not help limit the number of people (especially minors) who do it, and will make them dishonest because if they admit to doing it, then they risk being in direct fire to society. These people should be able to come clean and tell people if it wasn't so stigmatized.
It isn't a gateway drug, if anything, it would be nicotine which is illegal for minors to purchase. How is it that so many still smoke? Peer pressure; well, that and all the attractive labelling make it such an appealing adult activity. I believe that it should have copious amounts of awareness on all fronts instead. Then children will know long before they make life altering changes in life (driving, moving out, college choice) and know the implications to doing weed and know the truth about it.
I believe that we could side on the truth that if anyone was to do drugs then it should be their choice but make them fully aware in their decisions.
You can read more here: http://www.perkel.com/politics/issues/pot.htm
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When yo smoke weeds it reveals you to yourself :)

Yep! It is also a great pain reliever and is great to allow your mind to rest and gets some much needed food in your system lol!

I actually written what bob Marley said on weeds :p

Yes you did!

I say, legalize weed and ban cigarettes.

Cigars are okay tho! The flavoured ones make the outside air smell good lol

No, I meant health-wise. All of them stink like shìt. But health-wise cigars/cigarettes are horrible for health.

Big Tobacco would not like that to happen... It is the people's choice... I believe they should have a better education about it. Banning things for the sake of banning it will only change the openness of people and their willingness to say they do...

Yes, but at least it'll stop them from doing it in *public* and highly reduce second-hand smoke deaths.

You got a point there, but you say in public, wouldn't that encourage them to smoke in own homes... I mean it is an addiction, they can't just quit.

Of course. But point being it'll be beneficial to the people that DON'T smoke, and perish from other people's stupidity.

Yes, although I don't believe a ban is in order. I see that they will still do it. I think they need to get rid of the marketing allure first, and have a lot more education in set. Most are just ignorant...

It'll make it less prevalent. You don't see people smoking weed right out in the open that often.

Because of the justice system, they don't want that deal. I do believe it should just stay the way it is and just see it slowly fading into equilibrium...

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I'v smoked weed for 46 years, I know for a fact it doesn't kill you ( quickly anyhow) as for a gateway drug, you might as well say that water is a gateway drug to alchoholism cuz every drunk started out by drinking water.

Or going to church or watching tv or going to school...

I drink, smoke weed and cigarettes. If I could only keep doing one of those, it would be weed, hands down.

Yes! While everyone should be able to smoke it without concern.

Well we can hope and rally. I've been smoking 7 years and have no ill effects yet. Except staying overweight, but that was there beforehand lol.

Haha! I'm with you! Oh yeah and tax free prescriptions for medicinal use! It does nothing except maybe tar in lungs but that is with anything you smoke, the amount is much less and frankly there are multiple ways to go! Rally on! The government should be the will of the people!

I feel ya on the legalization of pot, wether it's legal or not people are still gonna get it with great ease, it's not a gateway drug, while I do feel it is mentally addictive it still doesn't have the addictive capabilities of cigarettes, it's a potential cash crop for the United States government, and it has shown numerous medicinal purposes. I know for a fact it heals a headache faster than aspirin. I've smoked for the past 5-6 years and it hasn't negatively affected my work ethic.

Yes! I was going to add that in my argument but then it feels like I am copying my citation exactly... But it is great for medicine and building and it grows very easily without much intervention! If anything is a gateway drug, it is nicotine.