Can someone please inbox me? I think something is wrong with me. I smoked 4 days ago and I feel weird? Help!
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18-21, F
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Are you still pregnant?

sometimes ya feel weird.

If there's one thing about an experiences pot smoker is that they are experienced and can help the unexperienced

I told you not to smoke that ****. Your body can't handle it. It had to pass through your body. Don't try this stuff again.

You told me not to? Do I know you?

You asked last week about what to smoke. Whatever you do don't smoke train wreck. Youl be sick and comatose for a week straight.

Why can't she handle it? And it has already passed is still in her blood but that has no effect on your body. I think you do not know what you are talking about

I've sold more then you'll ever see. And my crap is better then the best you've ever had or heard about.

1 no 2 that has nothing to do with what we are talking about 3 what's the best weed you have ever had

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You will be just fine smoking weed. You won't die! I Smoke 24/7 and I love weed just keep on smoking weed.. Your fine

She's pregnant.

What exactly are you feeling? Do you feel sad or just really down in general? Because that can sometimes happen after you smoke because your seretonin levels get so high, and after you come down in the days following your seretonin levels can get off balance and give you sad depressing thoughts. It's normal and will go away and with time.

No I feel dizzy and off balance and super sleepy. I don't feel full of energy and normal.

Well that can also happen because you're seretonin levels are off too! I wouldn't worry about it too much, though but you could also just be getting sick!

Brain fog?

Possibly idk