I want to stop smoking but I feel like it's the only thing keeping me together right now..
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Look at your age lol

What about it..

There is lots of other positive stuff todo other than smoking in this age..lol

Don't take it personally :)

Why would I take it personally, it's your opinion lol.

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I want to stop smoking too but it's tempting lol my bro was smoking yesterday and I was gonna ask him for some but it stead I went to my room and fell asleep : /

Omg I understand where your coming from, my brother smoke all the time and he's always asking if I want to smoke with him, it's so hard to say no >.<

Yea and the bad thing is I could smell it and its really good! Then my other brother smokes almost every day! And in one way I miss it but I also am very proud of myself. I smoke every other week when I'm not on a break the longest I've gone was 1-2 months :) I think

Lol I don't think I could go that long, I smoke twice a day at the least so it's going to be hard for me to stop completely, especially when all of my friends smoke and my brother always has weed in his room

I only smoke smoke once twice tops in a day if I smoke... Then one of my brothers always has fruity flavor joints so... :( lol I've stayed away from ppl that smoke but I don't ignore them I talk to them in school, cuz they usually don't brings up that topic and so far I haven't been asked to smoke but this girl brought it up then the bells rang and her class was down stairs so she said bye and ran to her class so I got lucky I don't think im gonna go too far so I might just go up to my brothers bday it's on the 31st that's my goal... And my brother got a new bowl and it looks really cool!!!

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Exactly how I feel 😭