Absolutely love it, wouldnt mind to just chill out and smoke.
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You and me and millions of other people too haha. I have this gas-mask bong and it is the most intense thing in the world. You literally feel like you are suffocating hitting it, but when you take it off you are ******* baked. It isn't exactly a chill way to smoke though.

Ive took a pretty nice gravity bong hit before, now that if you're not ready for it will mess you up haha

Yeah haha. Man, I haven't smoked weed for about a month. My dealer moved away and I just haven't been able to find a new one, a new one that has good ****. I know some guys that sell mids, but **** that ****. My res reserves are completely gone now.

I just meet a guy who gives me better bud and so much cheaper my 8ths are $35 . Quarter are 65$ and plus 30 for the rest

That's cheap, but frankly I'm hesitant to buy from people who sell that cheap. I don't know I just wonder what the catch is haha. My old guy sold me cuts for 50 and quarters for 90. His weed was always so good though. I could smoke a half bowl and be baked on his ****. It wasn't a big bowl either. Probably a .4 gram bowl.

Maybe, but my friends known him for a while, its pretty good, 8ths 3.7 grams and im straight after a couple bowl packs

how much was your gas mask?

About 80 bucks.

wow, my ex got his for around $50

Well, I jumped on it because it was the only one I had ever seen in my local head shop. I probably could of got it cheaper, but I didn't want to risk not getting one at all.

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