My First High

It was April 5, two weeks before my 18th birthday.  I had smoked with friends before, but nothing ever happened, plus the smoke was too harsh for me.  So another friend suggested I use a water pipe. 

"What's that?" I asked, so he drew me a diagram on how to make one.  That night I assembled all the parts, put it in a paper bag, and brought it to school with me the next day.  In Electronics class, I opened my desk drawer and showed it to my friend.  "Did I build it right?"  I asked.  After the look of shock and surprise subsided, he said I had.

The following Saturday night, I called my best friend and told him to come over because I had something really cool to show him.  After he arrived, we proceeded to partake of the cool leafy smoke until the bowl was spent.  Five bowls later, I was still feeling no effects.  My friend was probably stoned after the first two bowls, but not me.  So I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for something to happen.  Well, it certainly did!

Next thing I knew, I felt like I was floating.  Up, up to the ceiling, high as a kite!  Then the hallucinations started.  I had a poster on my wall from Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon album, and that became part of the visions.  I was seeing snakes wrapped around the TV antennas (back before cable) and glowing eyes in the poster.

Now I was beginning to panic, so, remembering what I heard about eating sweets to "come down", I headed downstairs for the kitchen and stuffed as much leftover cake into my mouth as I could.  This didn't seem to work, so I went back upstairs and opened the window.  Being April, the nights were still cold, and I began shivering uncontrollably!  My friend had to lay next to me on the bed to try and warm me up.  (I wished we had done more than that, but that's another story.)

Fortunately, I stopped shivering and hallucinating soon enough.  That was the last time I smoked 6 bowls in a water pipe! 

Two weeks later, on April 25, (3 days after my birthday), I went to see Alice Cooper in concert with another friend.  It was the Welcome To My Nightmare Tour and my brother-in-law had given us 3 joints of "Honduras" weed.  Despite the fact that my friend had to lead me into the hall - I was so stoned - the concert was INCREDIBLE!  Alice made my night when he sand "18" because I had just turned 18.

My friend was spending the night at my place after the concert, and when we got back there were still 2 joints left of "Honduras".  After we smoked one, I looked out the window and IT WAS SNOWING!  In APRIL???  I told him I had enough and he could keep the other joint.

I think weed was a lot stronger back then, because I've never had an experience like that again.  (Although I did pass out once from smoking - and went face down onto a table! - but that was when I had a pound of "gold" and was smoking all day with everyone I knew.)

To this day, I still prefer pipes over papers, and I always de-seed.  Next time I'll tell you about the time I grew my own - and it was THE BEST!

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

When I grew my own, I used Purple Indica seeds. Not only do they have a shorter growing season, but they grow bushy instead of long and stalky. The leaves were bigger than my hand! When I harvested and dried them, oh what a sweet smell! And the buds looked like they were sprinkled with sugar, so many THC crystals. And oh so tasty!

Yeah, some of the really good sativas are cerebral and very intense. They do make you look see things in a different way LOL<br />
Unfortunately, they are mostly longer flowering strains so you rarely see them. Anyone who does spend the time to grow a 12-15 week strain tends to keep it for themselves.<br />
The faster finishing, 'commercial' strains that seem to be everywhere these days just don't get ya high like the old school landrace sativas did... <br />
another good reason to grow your own :)

I probably shouldn't have used the term hallucinate.....more like distorting what's there. Seeing the poster in the light, the next day, I could see how I imagined those things I saw. It was still a very strong high!<br />
<br />
Of course homegrown is seed-free if you're vigilant. Been a long time since I grew it. Used regular flourescent lights, no fancy stuff. Once I let a Guatemala strain go to seed so I could grow 2nd gen plants. Got one plant, harvested & dried it -- then my roommates girlfriend took it, thinking it was leftovers!

The stuff you grow yourself is always the best ;)<br />
No need to de-seed it either .<br />
I have to wonder what else was in the stuff that made you hallucinate, I've been a heavy cannabis user for most of my life and have never hallucinated from it :)