I don't see what such the big deal is, I have never tried weed and I don't see why people feel the need to talk about it so much. If you have it, aren't you to busy smoking to tell me about it?
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don't knock it till you try it

It helps with my unofficially diagnosed fibromyalgia and my anxiety.. I can think clearer stoned than sober... I'm not in pain and I don't have the suicidal thoughts and I don't have implications..

It's against the law though. Is it really worth the risk?

It is a law that is only there to benefit the wealthy lobbyists like tobacco, alcohol and pharma. Right now, I only did it in very isolated areas when I had a lot of time and on really bad days... Sometimes the pain is so bad that I really just want to end it all now. Suicide is illegal but the end result is no more pain, and yet it is a merciful way to end the pain... People will hype for a bit but words are soon lost and then those close would be the ones who didn't reach out enough despite all other resorts taken. It is never the first thing people think about... But for me the light at the end of a tunnel is a train...

You could always move to a weed legal state! I live in Colorado and it's is legal to purchase weed at recreational stores. You don't want to smoke in public or your cars. But you can carry it on you or smoke it in private. It makes everything more enjoyable. Food tastes better. Things are funnier. It's like getting in touch with your goofy side.

Leave my family, my friends, and the country I love, to live in a corrupt country bankrupted on the other side of the world to smoke? No thank you.

Actually, since the legalization of marijuana in select states, minimum wage has dramatically increased. Colorado's minimum wage rate is $15 per hour. weed has significantly helped the economic crisis and will continue to do so.

I still do not want to move there.

fair enough, it's your decision.

Alcohol was once illegal

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Some people do it medicinally. It isn't addictive and it doesn't have any negatives except sheer smoke inhalation. You can vaporize it or put it in cooking and it is a safe alternative to alcohol and smoking cigarettes. To that same token, thinking people are stoned all the time is like saying people who drink alcohol are drunk all the time.