I don't really smoke often but when I do I find myself knowing more then I should. I'm not saying I'm psychic cause believe me if I had as much psychic ability as That's so raven I could tell present events and not past.

For instance......
One time I was looking at a picture on Instagram of girl looking at her phone and the caption read "this is you right now" after I had been smoking some sour D and I stared at it for a good 15 minutes in that time a blurry image started to manifest from the corner of the picture it looked like two old building connected to each other's and people chained up walking from one building to another. I got sort of freaked out and went right to bed. I had place that memory far in the back of my head and had forgotten about it when one day scrolling down my twitter I saw a post of ancient Egypt with two towers connected one sinking and one above grounds the terror that I engulfed heart was to real. That's one of the main reasons I've lightened my smoking things like this happen to me all the time when I do.
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Whoever you get it from, tell them "This is some BAD ASSED WEED!" 😵

Sour d 👏👏😂