My Daily Struggles

 i love to smoke weed. My family doesn't except it because none of them have ever done drugs. Its hard for them to get it because all they see is the typical stoners that the television presents to them. But i know im different then what people who smoke weed are presented as. I have goals and desires. And im in the process of making them happen. Its like im in a different world. I get labeled and i dont like it. Because they dont know what its like to me. My best friend is a true smoker to but she gets to do what she wants most of the time. And even though shes the closest person i can relate to she still cant fully understand what i go through. Man this sucks. I need a bowl.  


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Jack Herer's book, The Emperor Wears no Clothes is also a good read :)

Perhaps if you explained to them that cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and is still used regularly in Jamaica, India, the Middle East, and of course, Holland. (The word "cannabis" is actually the Dutch word for "canvas" because ships sails - and rope - were all made from hemp. <br />
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Also point out the many medical uses for it - glaucoma, asthma, chemotherapy, epilepsy... I had a friend who's doctor actually told him to smoke herb because nothing else was helping his pain. I'm sure you can find more info on this online.<br />
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So hang in there - you're not alone!<br />
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PS: A great book to read - The Connoiseur's Guide To Marijuana by William Daniel Drake.

We all make our own choices. I would just like to point out to you that, whether it is related to your use of weed or not, your failure to learn to write formally will hinder your desires for meeting your goals and succeeding in life. May I ask a question that would be a factor in evaluating your complaint that you are being held back from doing what you want to do: Are you being financially supported by your parents?

Does anyone in your family drink alcohol? If so, they should be more accepting of cannabis use. Seeing that you are not the stereotypical stoner, that you are active, intelligent and motivated should also change their perception. Try talking to them about responsible cannabis use and let them see that it is not having any negative effects on you.