I Love Weed...

but I can never seem to find anyone to get me some!! I don't know why!! Because I know good and dmn well that about 90 percent of the people out there use the stuff....Why I have such a hard time amazes me...Anyway other than that I love it because it calms my thoughts down some...I am a very hyper person, and get angry very easy. Marijuana calms me down so I don't feel that way as often. I wish they would legalize it here because I believe there would be less crime if they did..It also makes no sense why they don't legalize it because drinking kills alot more people, and instead of calming, drinking makes alot of people even more violent (it does me anyway, why I don't drink much), so you would think that would be illegal....This country makes no sense.

freedomlovingypsy freedomlovingypsy
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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Amen to that Zamboozle! You better hand over the nachos or else!! lmao! Just think if the cops had to quit dealing with folks who smoked weed, they'd actually have to focus on the REAL crime out there, like child molesters, rape, murder, etc...Maybe cops don't wanna have to deal with the psycho's so they prefer harassing the petty crimes of speeding or smoking weed.

no you just get more philosophical thats why its called the weed of wisdom!. Now drink on the other!

i tend to agree with your sentiments!. Drink is much more destructive.