A New Idea To Help America Legalize Weed

Hi everyone!  I think I have come up with a great way to get weed legalized.  Lets follow the example of Gandhi.  Let me explain.  If all the law enforcement officers would ignore the law and quit arresting drug offenders, the congress would be forced to change the laws.  I believe that the war on drugs has failed and not only that, but it has crippled our country and made criminals out of decent people who just want to get high and do not harm anyone for the most part.  So lets each of us contact police officers and ask them to stop complying wtih the drug laws and stop arresting drug users.  This is something that we the people can do in any country to make a difference now.  Obviously our leaders will not take this action.  What does everyone think?

gentleking117 gentleking117
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I like the group, LEAP - (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). They have been there, they know that this is not helping them do their real jobs.

it's a GREAT idea but im sure it would fail, a better idea is to play it safe and hopefully it will fall into place cause really how the **** is cigs, alcohol, salvia and certain meds legal? i just think its gonna take some time till our government can figure out how to market and make profit off of weed. it's just a matter of time really. till then imma just smoke this chronic i got and wait till then.