I Smoke Too.

     Wow. What a challenge, to build a story around the fact that I smoke. I still remember the kids' name that got me smoking when I was eight years old. I suppose it would be bad form  to say it though. 

     What can I say?  It made me tingle. At that point in my life, it was definitly a "high"  A euphoria enhanced by the fact that I was being rebellious and disobedient.  I'm 45 now, and I don't get the tingle anymore, and it isn't fun to be rebellious and disobedient. It feels wrong, I try to keep a good distance from everyone while I'm smokingI make a point of being down wind, and I won't get within 50 feet of a kid. I smoke about 4 cigs a day, and though people say, "Oh, thats not bad."  I still think it's 4 too many.  I enjoy it. I must.  It's a strange kind of enjoyment, as if I'm being forced to enjoy it.  I smoke.  Wow.

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You have to be the most considerate smoker ever.

Hey Puck!<br />
You can do it.<br />
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I go to my first cessation class today. The VA makes you go to classes before they will give up the "gum"

I heard on the news a few days ago that they have proven that nicotine addiction is hereditary. I long ago guessed this, and figured I got my love for the nasty habit from my dad and grandfather. I do want to quit for all of the obvious reasons, but I do love it.

I agree 4 is 4 to many, think of how your loved one if she doesn't smoke will thank you for not having to smell or taste cigs on your breath.