A Lifetime Of Smoking......

i began smoking at age 9, and by the time i was 12, was smoking as much as a pack a day! i was extremely fortunate to have had parents who were beyond cool--from the first time i smoked a cigarette, i was told to either smoke in front of them at home, or do not smoke at all! Our house was one of just 3 in the neighbourhood where smoking was permitted by parents! Of my 4 younger brothers, 2 became smokers as well, one at age 15, the other at age 13! This carried over to own family, resulting in all 4 of my sons becoming smokers---all 4 started in their early teens. It seemed to be rather non-typical so, i would just like to know if anyone else became a smoker at such an early age?
barefootboiLA barefootboiLA
36-40, M
Jan 9, 2013