A Pack A Day Smoker At 14

I had my first smoke when I was 13, took a puff of dad's cigarette when he left it on the ashtray and left the room. I did not really like it but felt great anyway.
A couple of days later I took one of dad's open packs and really started smoking,
soon I did like it especially once I had started inhaling. After i had finished "my" pack I took another of my dad's and never quit smoking so as we all know soon could not live without my cigarettes anymore.
The next summer, I was 14 at the time, dad and I went on a fishing trip together with my uncle and his two sons. My uncle and two cousins where smokers aswell.
As we stopped for coffee on our way to the campsite everybody lit up and dad surprised me by offering my a cigarette, did you really think I hadn't figured out where my open packs went was all he said.
That trip I happily smoked with everybody else and crossed the pack a day barrier for the first time. All during high school I smoked a pack a day but after I graduated I joined the marines and soon started smoking even more, two packs a day at least, often three or more.
Nowadays I smoke at least two packs of Marlboro Reds a day. I love smoking and still think it is the best decision I ever made when I started this journey.
dwayned dwayned
Nov 26, 2013