Monsoon Rains

it had been an oddly hot week in pakistan...even air conditioning wasnt helping...

then came june started raining...

i went outside....and sat down in the rain.....smiled and took in a deep breath.

I am a chainsmoker and i love smoking...and i love rain...........this was my chance to smile and dance!

I lit my marlboro and sat there....the cigarette was wet but it didnt stop burning....i had it and it felt so good...seeing the smoke from my cigarette disssolve into the raindrops... a heavanly experience....highly recommended!!!

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2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

lol yeah i feel the same way..!!
Sutta in rain is always awesome..! but it happens once in year so i smoke as much as possible in wet season..xD

Smoke anyways man rain or no rain lol

yea i m half way around world, i understand how it feelz... espacilly after a good meal or after an exam lol...<br />
unmasked if u ever get the chance have smoke at night time when its lightly snowing under a street lamp... i wait for all year just for this experince it is the most stress releasing experince... ll maybe not the most but still its up there lol